Foscarini Gioia


The Foscarini Gioia lamp family includes two wall lamps. The two lamps differ mainly in their size: the Gioia has a diameter of 40 cm, the Gioia Grande 68 cm. Both wall lamps have a transparent element made of polymethyl methacrylate. An irregular element of white marble is positioned on top of this. Behind the two elements an LED light source is fixed to the wall, so that the light is emitted through the transparent element into the room. This creates a halo effect on the wall around the lamp. The Gioia is intended to symbolise the encounter between two worlds: the world of the past with its marble statues and the world of the present with its modern materials. The transparent element of the wall lamps is available in blue, green and pink versions. The lamps are supplied with a grey plug lead and an on/off switch. If necessary, the plug lead can be removed if the lamps are to be mounted directly on a power supply. The lamps are dimmable on site with a trailing edge phase dimmer.

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Gioia Grande


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