Foscarini Supernova


Foscarini Supernova pendant light

The Foscarini Supernova was designed in the year 2000 by Ferrucio Laviani. The pendant light is opened to one side. It consists of 14 discs made of aluminum, which are shaped differently and are cut out with a laser during manufacture. The lamp is offered as an untreated, grey-looking version (aluminum) and as a fuchsia-red version. A compact fluorescent lamp with a maximum of 23 watts of power is used as a light source, with a white globe lamp as recommendation. Alternatively, an LED retrofit is suitable as a light source. The pendant lamp creates a diffuse ambient light. The composition of the inner discs prevents glare. The cable with a standard length of 170 cm can be shortened if necessary. Various decentralization sets are available as accessories, with which the lamp can be suspended independently of the power connection.

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