Ingo Maurer Delirium Yum

Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer Delirium Yum table light

The Ingo Maurer Delirium Yum consists of a crystal glass filled with water. The illuminant in the glass radiates a mirror placed above the glass. At the lower end of the glass, a motor is installed, which creates a magnetic field with which a metal rod inserted into the water is rotated. This creates a vortex, the speed and rotation of which can be controlled electronically. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted using the integrated plus and minus buttons. The rotational speed can be increased or reduced during the vortex generation, and a program with a predetermined rotational speed is also adjustable. In addition, the mirror is pivotable and rotatable. The included silver glitter and a ball can be added as an eyecatcher to the water. The table lamp should never be operated without water. It is recommended to use only distilled water, since limescale prevents. The included Micropur tablets prevent bacterial formation. In 2006, Sebastian Hepting and Ingo Maurer designed the table light in cooperation.

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Delirium Yum

Ingo Maurer

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