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Catellani & Smith

The Catellani & Smith Ametista family includes two wall lights (Ametista Parete), a table lamp (Ametista Tavolo) and a recessed light (Ametista Incasso) for wall and ceiling. A special highlight is the Ametista Parete A: a particularly functional wall lamp with switch and dimmer on the cable and its own plug lead. Thus, one is independent from a wall outlet and an on-site circuit during installation.

The central element of each Ametista light is the lampshade out irregular technopolymer. Before that there sits a glow stick from nickel-plated copper which carries the light source that emits light in the lampshade. The lights use an efficient 1 watt LED in extra warm white (2,700 Kelvin). The Ametista collection belongs to the family Eco Logic Light products. In this large group modern, energy-saving LED lights are summarized which are regarded as particularly environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

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Ametista Incasso

Catellani & Smith

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