Escale Fluid


The Escale Fluid collection consists of two pendant lights. They were designed by Mosru Mohiuddin. The undulating, elongated lamp body is made of aluminum and is offered by Escale in the surfaces aluminum smoothed, rust-colored or with gold leaf plating. There are from this series two pendant lights, one with five lights and one with seven lights. The Fluid pendant lamp 5-light has a length of 100 cm and is suspended a maximum of 140 cm. However, the cables can also be shortened if necessary. Five LEDs are installed as light sources, of which two act as uplights and three as downlights. All LEDs have an output of 6.1 watts each.

Seven 6.1 watt LEDs are integrated into the Fluid pendant lamp 7-light. Three of them emit their light upwards and four downwards. Like the smaller pendant lamp, this lamp can also be set up to a maximum height of 140 cm and dimmed by the customer. With a length of 143 cm, it is considerably larger. The following applies to both pendant lights: the uplight and downlight can be switched independently of each other via light switches. Both pendant lamps can be dimmed on site. When dimming, the light colour changes from 3,000 Kelvin warm white to 2,000 Kelvin extra warm white. A Casambi module and a ZigBee module are available as accessories. With the Casambi module, the lights can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet using the Casambi App via Bluetooth. With the ZigBee module it is also possible to control the lamps via voice control.

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Fluid pendant lamp 5-light


€ 799,00
-3% vooruitbetaling = € 775,00
inclusief 19% BTW
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Fluid pendant lamp 7-light


€ 1.049,00
-3% vooruitbetaling = € 1.018,00
inclusief 19% BTW
€ 44,00 shipping to Nederland Nederland Instellingen

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