Escale Sun


Escale Sun wall light in various surfaces

The Escale Sun is a round wall lamp with a diameter of 13 cm. The depth is 4.5 cm. This lamp was designed by Mosru Mohiuddin in the year 2011 and is made of aluminum. It is available in four different surfaces: smoothed aluminum, covered with gold leaf or aluminum leaf or in matt white. The light of the Escale Sun comes from two integrated LEDs, each with a wattage of 3 watts, a total of 560 lumens at 2,700 Kelvin colour temperature extra warm white are achieved. The light is emitted through two openings both downwards and upwards. The effect of the light can optionally be changed by colour filters. The lamp is offered in any surface without colour filters or with two colour filters in blue, red, green or yellow. Depending on which colour filters are chosen, the light emitted also changes.

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