Ingo Maurer Edison

Ingo Maurer

The Ingo Maurer Edison collection is made entirely by hand in an elaborate process. So each of these lamps is unique and carries the end result an individual handwriting. In 2000 Ingo Maurer began to create several variations with holographic light bulbs together with Eckard Knuth on classic basis. With the help of a laser and a special emulsion layer as the Dead Bulb Alive appear in red bill.

2005 was followed by other lights such as Wo bist du Edison pendant lamp, Eddie's Son pendant lamp and the wall lamp Holonzki. A hologram cylinder depicts a virtual light bulb that seems apparently to float in space - a nice optical illusion that the lamp causes. Amazingly in the action, the Edison Collection inspires not only art enthusiasts. The Ingo Maurer lamps from the series Maurer Edison are unique light art and deserve a special place.

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Ingo Maurer

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