Ingo Maurer Five Pack

Ingo Maurer

The Ingo Maurer Five Pack pendant lamp is composed of five reflectors, on the outside painted matt white. Except for the lowest screen the shades are inside painted in yellow, while the lowermost shade is painted inside in white. The screens can be put out of another and back into each other. This changes the light distribution. If all are pushed into each other, the light is emitted only directly downward. Once the reflector screens are pulled apart against, they fan out and the light seems to be on the outside with a nice light effect in yellow.

The cable of the Five Pack made by Ingo Maurer has a length of 170 cm, but can be cut easily when needed. Therefore, the pendant lamp is up to 300 cm for room heights. As lamps are used two high-voltage halogen lamps, each with a maximum power of 42 watts.

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Five Pack

Ingo Maurer

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