Ingo Maurer Koyoo

Ingo Maurer

The Ingo Maurer Koyoo is a table lamp with a rechargeable battery. It is recharged via the supplied USB-C cable. With a touch dimmer at the lamp base three different brightness levels can be selected. Depending on the brightness setting, the battery power is sufficient for wireless operation of 5, 10 or 36 hours. The LED light source of the lamp is integrated into the base of the lamp and illuminates a circular diffuser made of paper. From there the light is reflected into the room. Also placed on a table, the illuminated diffuser is below eye level so that no glare occurs. The diffuser has a diameter of 17.5 cm. The scope of delivery includes three diffusors made of different paper materials, which can be exchanged against each other if required.

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Ingo Maurer

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