Ingo Maurer Lacrime Del Pescatore

Ingo Maurer

The Ingo Maurer Lacrime del Pescatore was designed in 2009 by the German lighting manufacturer and his team. Three different nets of nylon are stretched under the ceiling, which are occupied by a total of 385 crystals. A spotlight, attached separately to the wall, illuminates the nets with the crystals and creates a light object. A Use Me W. lamp from the same manufacturer is included as spotlight. The Use Me W. wall spotlight has a cable length of 300 cm and is equipped with a switch on the supply line. As an additional downlight, a separately available Use Me C. ceiling spotlight can also be used. The ceiling lamp can be suspended from ceiling or walls, depending on any requirements. The crystals glitter even during the day in the sun, when the nets are placed cleverly. Translated, the name of the lamp means "tears of a fisherman".

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Lacrime del Pescatore

Ingo Maurer

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