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Ingo Maurer Oskar table lamps

The Ingo Maurer Oskar is available as a table lamp with halogen lamps or with LEDs. The LED version is called LED's Oskar. Both lamps have a swiveling arm, made of metal, which can be used to vary the position of the lamp head as desired. The table lamp with halogen lamps has a rod on the light head, through which it can be aligned as desired. The light can be switched on and off by means of a toggle switch on the lamp body. The lamp body of both table lamps of this series has the form of a book holder, so the body can be placed not only vertically, but also horizontally. While the table lamp with halogen lamps was already created by Maurer and his team in 1998, the LED version was only launched in 2012. The halogen version is only available in anodised aluminum, while the LED's Oskar is available in black or silver. Both lamps are equipped with a cable with a length of 400 cm.

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Ingo Maurer

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