Luceplan Curl


Luceplan Curl table light

The Luceplan Curl has a curved lamp body, the shape of which also inspired the name of the light (curl means "locke" or "curling"). A touch dimmer is located in the middle of the lamp base, which allows the light intensity to be dimmed. In addition, the shape of the lamp base allows tilting of the lamp body in different positions. The light is emitted indirectly onto the inside of the curved body of the table lamp, from where it is reflected again. This produces a glare-free, indirect light. The lamp itself is made of injection-molded, white polycarbonate, the reflector at the base of the lamp is offered in two different surfaces. A white or a reflector with mirror surface is offered. Depending on the selection of the reflector, the light is reflected differently from the reflector. The built-in LED has an output of 8 watts at a colour temperature of 3,000 Kelvin warmwhite. Sebastian Bergne developed the design for the lamp in the year 2012.

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