Luceplan Illusion


The Luceplan Illusion Parete Soffitto is a particularly flat lamp that can be used both as a wall lamp and as a ceiling light. The lamp has a thickness or depth of only 4 cm. Height and length are 23 x 23 cm. Therefore, the light occupies very little space in the room. Even when switched off, an interesting, optical effect is created. It looks as if a sphere would appear on a square on the shade. This effect is generated by the Fresnel lens on a transparent film. As soon as the lamp is switched on, it emits glare-free, diffuse light into the room.

Including in the Luceplan Illusion is an LED with 17 watts, 3,000 Kelvin warm white as colour temperature and 982 lumens. Thanks to the LED illuminant, the light consumes very little energy. It can be dimmed on site. The materials used are aluminum and polycarbonate. The wall and ceiling light was designed in the year 2013 by Francisco Gomez Paz.

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