[Sebastian David Büscher]
The IP44.de Shot floor light is offered with base or ground spike. The outdoor lamp is available with different wattages. Sebastian David Büscher designed the light.
  • Vanaf 98 € Gratis verzending binnen Duitsland
  • bollen inclusief energy class A+
  • Voltage geschiktheid: 230 - 240 Volt
€ 337,00
-3% vooruitbetaling = € 327,00
inclusief 19% BTW
€ 20,00 shipping to Nederland Nederland Instellingen

€ 337,00
-3% vooruitbetaling = € 327,00
inclusief 19% BTW
€ 20,00 shipping to Nederland Nederland Instellingen
  • Vanaf 98 € Gratis verzending binnen Duitsland
  • bollen inclusief energy class A+

Levertijd: 10 werkdagen

The IP44.de Shot is a spherical floor light whose light can always be reoriented. This lamp comes in two different versions: with a base or with a ground spike. The version with base includes a ring-shaped lamp base on which the spherical body can be fixed above ground. The symmetrical reflector can be positioned on this base in any direction. The second version is supplied with an earth spike, the so-called Tee Shot. In this version the spherical body is placed in the bowl of the earth spike and the earth spike is inserted into the ground. In this way the earth spike actually raises the light to another level. Whether with base or earth spike, the lamp can always be placed in a different location. The earth spike is in the same surface as the lamp itself. Included is always a 500 cm long supply cable and a safety plug.

In addition, the light is offered with various features: 4 watts with 260 lumens or 15 watts with 980 lumens. The dimensions are the same for both powers. The floor light is also available in different surfaces: anthracite, deep black and cool brown. The floor lamp is on site dimmable and equipped with a Power LED. The Power LED has a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin warm white. Colour filters are offered as accessories with which light colour effects can be produced. They are available in the colours yellow, red, blue and green.

Thanks to the protection class IP65 the lamp is dustproof and protected against water jets from any angle. On request, the outdoor light is also available as a Connect version. In contrast to the original lamp, the Connect variant is equipped with a plug suitable for the IP44.de Connect plug-in system. Therefore, the Connect version can be connected to any number of lights and so combined connected to the power supply. Connect lights can be installed at any distance with the Connect accessory.

Sebastian David Büscher created the outdoor light with an adjustable reflector which has already received the IF Design Award 2017. The ESG glass (tempered safety glass) in front of the LEDs is particularly impact and shock resistant.


Land van fabricage
DE Duitsland
Sebastian David Büscher
H 13 cm | Ø 14 cm
aluminium, Gehard veiligheidsglas
dimbaar op locatie met faseafsnijding dimmer
bulb vervangen:
Kleurtemperatuur in Kelvin
3.000 warm wit
Geschikt voor EEK
A++, A+, A
Omvang van de levering
voltage geschiktheid
230 - 240 Volt

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