Lumina Outdoor lights

The traditional Italian company Lumina has been creating lamps and luminaires of any discipline since 1975. The luminaires stand out due to their functional design and their great individuality. Lumina attaches great importance to atmosphere, feeling and quality of life and they show this by means of a special adjustability, elegant lines and the interaction of light and design. 
Many lamps may be bent in various ways and it is possible to adapt them to personal wishes, ideas and needs. Thus, each lamp may function as an expression of an individuals’ own personality and mood. This great deal of experience on the field of designing luminaires brought several design awards worldwide to the Italians, as for example the ones awarded by the Brooklyn Museum, the Judd Foundation, as well as the Best Category Award Light Fair International in New York, the Musèe des arts Decoratifs in Paris, the Design Plus Award in Frankfurt and one award by the Neue Sammlung in Munich. The cornerstone of this success story was laid by Lumina in 1975 with the design of „Daphine“, a “small lamp for a lot of light“. This special table lamp is characterised by a high flexibility of the two articulated arms as well as by the interaction of functionality and elegance. Since then many adaptations of this version followed which also feature the same attributes and which enjoy great popularity with many customers all over the world.

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